Saturday, August 29, 2009


(To avoid a really long facebook entry, decided to do this on my blog!)

The last 3-4 days I haven't felt like myself. I think the rain and cooler weather has impacted my RA, and I've really felt yukky. One thing I really notice is a lack of appetite, especially for good, healthy food. Since I'm tapering, I haven't been as hungry as normal either. So, I really didn't eat that much.

Last night I made tacos, refried beans and rice. Bad idea! I didn't eat much (Melissa ate as much as I did), but it just didn't sit in my tummy well. After a restless sleep (which seems to be the norm these days, what with those wonderful hot flashes and all), I woke up feeling sluggish and my stomach was still a little queasy.

I ate my normal breakfast of plain, instant oatmeal with a few raisins. I felt OK by the time I dropped Melissa at the gym. Her Saturday practices now start at 8:00, so I headed over to Waterfall Glenn, knowing it would be crazy hard to find a parking place. I parked on the street, and I didn't feel like going back to the parking lot to go to the bathroom, so I just started running. I know there's an outhouse about 2.5 miles into the run.

My training plan called for 60 minutes; I figured I'd run 7 miles (3.5 out and back), which is a little more than 60 minutes for me (today it was about 75). I actually felt good on the run. Stopped and went to the bathroom, and had an uneventful run. I was able to run all the hills, which was good since I haven't run at WFG for a while. But I must say that while Greene Valley's hills don't seem as tough, I think they really are, and that's where I've been doing my outside runs.

Anyway, since we only have one car, I drove home and picked up Jerry, who had a meeting at the gym. I drove to Lifetime Burr Ridge, and he drove to the gym. (This turned out to be a REALLY good thing).

I spent about an hour doing strength/core/stretch work. When I got to the locker room, I noticed I was REALLY dizzy and getting nauseous. I mean, so dizzy that I had to sit down. Bottom line, I felt really sick and couldn't eat or drink anything, including water. Jerry and Melissa picked me up, and the ride home was awful.

I exited the car and went directly to the couch. I just couldn't sit up without everything spinning. Jerry commented that I probably needed to eat/drink something ASAP. Just the thought of food was, well, not a pleasant one.

After about an hour, I started to get really thirsty. Had some Gatorade, and actually felt like I could stand up without keeling over. Bottom line: the more I drank and started to eat, the better I felt.

So, lesson learned: do not attempt to workout without enough food. Yeah, I KNOW THIS! What I didn't know is that the food I consumed the last couple days was either a) the wrong kind (most likely); or b) not enough (probably also true).

On a separate note, tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my IMKY failure. As the day has been approaching, it's been on my mind more and more. When I see the forecast is for a HIGH OF 74 degrees and partly cloudy, it makes me even sadder. I'm SO HAPPY for the athletes competing tomorrow, but sad it couldn't have been this way last year. Oh well, as I've said before, the past is just that, past, and I'm concentrating on my olympic race next Saturday.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, particularly those in the Chicago Triathlon. The weather should be absolutely perfect.

Until next time--God bless!

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Irene said...

I hope what ever made your stomach upset and your entire body week has passed! It was good to hear that you bounced back after some good food and liquids.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!