Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend, Weather, Whining

So of course, the weather did not cooperate and the weekend training did not go as planned. But, I did get to run outside on Saturday without getting rained on.

Kind of a miracle, really, considering it rained on and off all morning, on my way to Waterfall Glen, and on and off again the rest of the day. I ran 9 miles, 4.5 miles each way backwards on the path. I DID NOT want to walk on the railroad tracks again to avoid the flood on the path.

It was warm--about 75, cloudy and it was great running in only my tri top and shorts. I look hideous, but who cares. I'm sure nobody's looking at me anway, so, it is what it is.

Should have brought more water, but finished just in time to not be totally dehydrated.
Had a good hour strength/core/stretch workout. Good start to the weekend.

I ate some really bad stuff on Saturday and Sunday, and very little good stuff, if any, on Sunday. Eating right has really been a struggle, even more so lately. Can't say why. Except that MENOPAUSE AND HOT FLASHES REALLY SUCK!

Woke up tired and a little sore on Sunday. Decided a swim would do it, with plenty of resting in the afternoon. Swam an easy 2200 meters, went to worship service, stopped at the Jewel, made brownies for the high school meeting we were hosting, and WATCHED THE BULLS ROCK TO BEAT THE CELTICS! HA! Take THAT you defending NBA champs! (OK, I still don't believe the Bulls can win the series, but we have to take what we can get, right?)

High school boys are REALLY LOUD! Had about 8 boys and 2 girls (including the leader and Peanut) in our basement last night for games, pizza and Bible study. Peanut joined in and had a great time! I love seeing these kids. They are good kids and enjoy each others company. The youth leaders are amazing and do a great job with them. Thank you Rich and Jen!

I'm ready to give up my contacts, after 40 years. I really can't see up close with them anymore and they aren't comfortable. I only wear them when I swim and race. Planning to get some prescription goggles, but because my vision is so bad, will probably have to get them from the eye doc! Expensive, but probably better in the long run. (One of my lenses is really hurting my eye--I'm guessing it's scratched or something,)

Still waiting to take the bike off the trainer. Too much rain and wind (yes, I admit I am a wimp!) More training this week, although last weeks' "recovery" was not as easy as planned. I did way more than was necessary.

Hoping for a better weather week. It will be warmer, but only two days forecast without rain.

Recovery week totals:
Swim: 5 x = 9,500 meters
Bike: 3 x = 65 miles (on trainer)
Run: 2 x = 15 miles (1 treadmill; one path)
St/C/S = 5 x = 2 hr. 40 min.
Total time: 14:36
Calories: ~6,000

Have a great week. Until next time--God bless!

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