Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tired....or maybe just old!

I read a "Dear Amy" letter the other day in which the writer was a 50-something year old individual (not sure man or woman). This person was told repeatedly at times "you look tired". Not knowing how to respond, he asked the columnist for help. Her answer was to reply--I'm not necessarily tired, just old! Well, that's how I'm starting to feel on some days. Age, stress, physical wear and tear can really take a toll when you reach almost 54!

I had a lot of thoughts on things to write the past week, but now that I'm actually sitting down and writing, of course I can't remember anything really interesting or important.

Outdoor triathlon season officially kicks off in this area with the Galena Du & Tri on May 16th. The water temperature is at best in the 60's, so not a race I ever plan to do. Good luck to all you brave souls planning to race.

Spring running is well underway, and congratulations to all who have raced! The weather has been iffy to say the least, but that's life in the Midwest.

I worked hard last week. Put in lots of time and miles. I had a s/b/r day on Saturday and again yesterday. Although yesterday I swam and biked early, and ran in the evening (something I NEVER do, with the exception of last year's ironman). I enjoyed the quiet of the path and the beautiful weather, but I'm a little sore and tired today. Will swim later just to stretch and loosen up.

Still haven't taken the bike off the trainer. Peanut will be done with school in about two weeks, so that's when I'll be able to ride outside consistently. Hoping to ride outside Saturday, weather/time permitting!

I've been spending a little bit of time on facebook. It's fun because it's quick and easy. I'd love to be your friend. Check me out--Karen Martin Moy is my name!

Last weeks totals:
Swim: 5x = 10,500 meters
Bike: 3x = 75 miles (trainer)
Run: 3x = 17 miles (1 TM, 2 outside)
S/C/S: 4x = 2:41
Total: 15:43
Calories: 7,300

April totals:
Swim: 46,000 meters
Bike: 338 miles (on trainer)
Run: 75 miles
Strength/Core/Stretch: 14 hours
Total : 73 hours

P.S. Just added up the miles I've bike on my trainer since November: 2,500 plus! WOW! Can't wait to see how that translates to the road!

Hope everyone has a good week/weekend.

Until next time--God bless!

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