Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is Here.....and some other good news

Yeah, it's hot and humid and I got to run outside and ride outside without being cold and no wind. Ha!

It was a little warm on my run yesterday. Due to the shopping/gymnastics schedule, I ran after I dropped Peanut at the gym--11:30. I went to Waterfall Glen. Since I decided no half iron distance race this year, my "A" races will be the sprint at Evergreen (40K Bike--YEAH!) and the Olympic race in Niles on 9/5. So, I'm following an olympic distance training plan. Which basically means much less training, and more ME/FAMILY time, which is fine with me.

So, yesterday the plan was for a 1,000 meter swim and a 20 minute run. I decided that even though it was really warm, I wasn't going to go through all the trouble to run for only 20 minutes. So I packed up all my stuff (lots of fluid, salt tablets, gel) and ended up running 4 miles. Not much, really, but I really felt the heat. Not much company on the path, either. One other runner, a couple walkers and bikers. Most sane people were not out at that time. However, it's a good place to run in the heat because about 50% of the part I ran is shaded. It was hot, and I did take frequent, short walk breaks, but I really felt good when I was done.

Drove to LTF Burr Ridge and had a good strength/stretch/core session. Didn't even bother trying to swim outside--the pool was packed, and I knew the water would be ridiculously warm. It was almost unbearable the day before. I swam inside and it was refreshing and felt good after the hot run.

Last night was tough sleeping. Our basement and first floor stay nice and cool, but the upstairs, not so much. Our bedroom thermometer read 88 at 9 p.m. last night. I tried sleeping in the basement, but the couch is really uncomfortable and my back was killing me, so I ended up in my own bed. Put the fan on high, no covers, as little clothing as possible. Not too bad.

M,W,F Peanut's practices start at 8 a.m., which is great for riding near the gym. I brought my bike and did my 25 mile loop. It was warm, but after riding 112 miles in almost 100 degrees in the hills of KY last August, I feel like I can ride in almost any kind of heat. Time was a factor, as I had to get home to take R-man to the bowling alley. He couldn't find a ride, and I was not going to let him walk 2 miles to the lanes carrying his 14 lb. ball and shoes. He did it on Monday, and I felt awful. So, I dropped him off, headed back to the gym for Peanut, and then back to pick him up. I think I drove about 60 miles today. Short workout, but I feel good.

One thing I learned last week--tapering, rest and a day off really WORK! I definitely plan to try that more often.

The best news of the day: I take a medication for my Rheumatoid Arthritis that costs approx. $15,000 per year. I am very fortunate to have insurance, and my co-pay every three months is $150. Comparatively, not a bad deal. However, considering our recent financial woes, $150 is not chump change. I needed to order my next three month supply this week. I get it from a mail order specialty pharmacy. They always call to schedule delivery, etc. When I spoke to the pharmacy today, the very nice lady told me that I was eligible for a co-pay assist program run by the company that manufactures the drug. Long story short, I now get the first six months for FREE, and the second six months for $20.00. OMG, I was in shock. Instead of $600 for the next year of medication, I will be paying $20.00. That is such an amazing blessing. Thank you God!

I'm so excited to share good news. I love the summer, I'm enjoying my current reading (Stephanie Plum rocks!), and I'm saving money. What else could I ask for. Also, hubby has been working a lot of hours at the hotel, which is really good for our bottom line.

BTW, R-man bowled a 268 last week at practice. Went bowling with Dad on Sunday and bowled 204. Monday he bowled a 209. It would be great if he can bowl this way when school team tryouts happen. He would love to make the team again.

That's all I got. Tomorrow will be a later run. Rain is in the forecast, but it should be cooler. I could run on the treadmill, since the training plan calls for only a 25 minute run, and a 1500 meter swim.

Enjoy the warmth and stay cool.

Until next time--God bless!

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TRISHARKIE (AKA Ronda) said...

Cool deal on the RA sister is VERY fortunate in that she has good insurance as well to treat her RA. Boy, what a nice relief for you.

Keep up the good work in your training.