Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Happened to Summer?

OK, so it's only two days, but what a drastic change in the weather. From 90's to 60's, which normally is not bad, considering summer will be back again tomorrow, and it looks like a great weekend for the 4th of July.

The bad thing about this is how the change affects my rheumatoid arthritis. Wow, I woke up today (after a really good, sound sleep, for a change), really stiff. You would think I would realize that this would happen, after dealing with this crazy disease for the past seven years, but it still takes me by surprise.

I decided yesterday that today would be a swim only day. I worked hard for about 10 straight days, and decided my body really needed a rest. My last two runs were crummy--Saturday I attributed to running/riding in the heat of the last week. But yesterday was another crummy 7 miler at Waterfall Glenn. I actually felt better after about 2.5 miles, but not as good as I thought I should have. So what should have been a 25 minute run turned into a 1:19 run. I did some strength training and a swim that included 16 x 50, and after that I was DONE!

As it turned out, today was a good day to skip my bike ride. I had a good swim with long intervals, and while I'm still tired and all my joints hurt, I feel a little better. When the weather warms up again, I'll feel much better. I noticed last week how good my body felt. I forget that when it's really hot, my joints and muscles feel amazing--almost like a normal 30 something year old person. Ha, the joy of getting old!

(I mentioned to one of the young aquatic supervisors at the pool this a.m. that I am old, and he very emphatically said, NO, YOU ARE NOT OLD! I'm glad to see there are still some nice, polite young men around!)

I'm enjoying watching Wimbledon. Would love to see Roger break Pete's record and win this thing. I would like to see him play Murray and beat him--Murray always plays Roger tough. In fact, I think he beat him both times they've played.

Just added up my numbers for June--a little light considering I was "sort of" tapering the first two weeks of June. Now I'm only training for an Olympic distance race, so my numbers and time will be down. However, my bike and swim will probably still be a little high, because those are my favorite!

For anyone who cares:

Swim: 40,400 meters
Bike: 357 miles
Run: 66 miles
S/C: 11 hours
Total Time: 62.5 hours

Looking forward to the Joliet Bike Club 4th of July ride on Saturday. Should be nice weather, and it's always a good ride and usually windy. Maybe I'll see people I know there.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Until next time--God bless!

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Vickie said...

I hear you on the weather changes. Hard to make body adjustments when it is first so hot and then so cold!