Sunday, January 11, 2009

The GOOD Things About Winter

Since I have spent several posts lamenting winter, and how much I (and my body) do not like it, I thought I would share just a couple reasons that I do like it. (OK, I had to really reach, but who cares, huh?) It's almost the middle of January, and in my mind once I make it half way through March, it's all downhill.

So, here is my list (as feeble as it may sound):

Why winter/cold/snow can be a GOOD thing:

1) The extra exercise of shoveling. I have only used the snow blower once (yesterday a.m.--there was enough snow and it was heavy and J is out of town and R-man was sleeping and I knew I would have more chances to shovel later in the day as it was snowing like forever!)

2) I don't worry about my car(s) being dirty. Unless we have an unusually balmy, dry day (ha!) all the cars on the road are dirty!

3) I don't feel guilty staying indoors, even if the sun is out. (Chances are, it's too snowy or cold to do anything productive anyway, so enjoy the warmth of the house!)

4) I can ride on my trainer as much as I want, and no one can tell me I'm crazy for not riding outside, because who likes riding on a trainer anyway! (Me, that's who!)

5) I can run on the treadmill....see above.

6) I can spend more time reading and watching TV because there's nothing else better to do like go outside for a walk or just enjoy the sun and warm weather.

7) I can hide my body in winter clothes. Summer clothes show everything, and this time of year I NEVER like the way I look, so it's good camouflage!

8) The inside of my house is even cleaner than normal, because in the summer when I'm outside training, I let things go thinking I can always clean in the winter when I'm not outside enjoying the nice weather.

9) I enjoy swimming in the warm water in the pools. Well, everything is relative. In the summer the water always feels too warm to me, and in the winter it usually feels a little on the cold side. I like it warmer in the winter because it's harder for me to get in when the weather is cold.

10) I can spend more time strength training because I don't feel guilty not being outside swimming, biking and running in the nice weather.

I came up with ten reasons--yeah for me!

On other notes: Peanut and J are having a ball in sunny, warm, 75-80 degree, not a cloud in the sky Miami. One day at the beach in Key Biscayne, one day in South Beach visiting with other team members, and Saturday competing. According to J, Peanut did not have her best meet, the scores were all over the place, but she did well enough to win the all around, first place on beam and vault, third place on floor, and fifth place on bars. Plus, the team took first place! GO BIG! They will be flying home tomorrow--SURPRISE! (Welcome back to cold, snowy home!)

R-man went to the Bulls game on Friday with his church group. I was very grateful one of the Dads offered to drive him home from church. The weather was yukky and I hate driving in the dark and bad weather. They took a bus to the United Center. He came home around midnight tired and hoarse, but the team won, so he had a great time!

My workout time this week--18:27, which included about an hour of shoveling. My leg is getting better, slowly, but still no running yet. I had more time than usual with Peanut gone, so I did more trainer riding and strength training. I swam every day but Saturday--I chose not to go out in the snow until later in the day. I have a mat, ball, bands and weights at home, so I've been doing strength and core work at home several times a week.

I have mentioned that I love to read. I've discovered e-books. Our library has an e-library; we can check out e-books for 21 days. They have a pretty good selection, so I decided to get myself an inexpensive, small MP3 player and try it out. I really like it. I listen when I'm working--cooking, cleaning, eating, shoveling, folding clothes, etc. I find myself reading one book and listening to another at the same time. It's fun and I find I can listen to a book in one or two days, depending on my schedule.

Hope everyone had a good "back to normal after the holidays" week. Stay warm and motivated and enjoy the NFL playoffs if you're a fan. I'm hoping the Blackhawks keep up the good work!

Until next time--God bless!

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Michelle said...

Ooh, I'm going to have to see if we have that e-books thing. Think they have Green Eggs & Ham? I'm kidding, I'll read to the LO myself :)