Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold, Complaining (Again!) and Crabby

Anyone who watches the news (weather), or lives in the Midwest knows it was a brutal week here. Temperatures on Friday were -18 to -30, and that did not include the windchill. I did not leave my house on Thursday. School was cancelled both Thursday and Friday. Final exams were postponed until Tuesday and Wednesday.

My leg is still sore, although I am getting some therapy. Don't know how much I can afford, hopefully enough to get it healed. Still not able to run.

Did a lot of riding this week--136 miles. Lots of strength training. Only swam four times for 10,200 meters--too cold to go to the pool on Friday, and too crowded on Saturday. (I like to ride early when I can't run. By the time I get done, it's late morning and the fitness center is way too busy this time of year at that time of day, especially the pool!)

Did real well with my eating this week--stayed on target! Hopefully it will pay off after a couple weeks. It's soooo hard for me to lose weight. Another positive--the hot flashes have subsided--not nearly as bad. Actually had a couple nights of good sleep.

I'm going just a little bit stir crazy. Staying inside more than I like, but it's better than the alternative. The bitter cold really did a number on my body. Thank goodness we're half way through January.

Hope everyone had a great week. Keep warm, and keep up the good work.

Until next time--God bless!

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