Monday, September 8, 2008

Manic Monday......

....not in the sense that I'm a crazy maniac (OK, some would probably disagree). But more in the sense that I have many feelings going through my head at this time.

I. I'm so happy for all the competitors and those I know who completed Ironman Wisconsin yesterday. Nick, Kevin, Adrienne, Molly and Jo Ann, you guys are all so awesome. Congratulations on a great day, great time, and great finish. I know it was the first for two of you, and you did a terrific job!

II. I spoke with a friend today at the pool who is an experienced IM er. He's qualified and completed Hawaii more than once. He was so excited to see me, thinking I was an ironman. When I told him the story, he was still so very happy for me and for the experience I had. He still considers me a winner, and was so sweet and encouraging. Thanks, Tom! You are awesome and you ROCK!

III. I just received a card in the mail from a really good friend who lives out of state. She's training for her first ironman in Florida in November. She phoned me before the race and was so encouraging and supportive. Her card came at such a great time. It's a rainy Monday here, I'm still feeling a little down, and I couldn't sleep last night. When do you think the nightmares/dreams about the race will end? I'm told it may take a while. OK. It is what it is.

Her card was so encouraging it made me cry. I'm a BIG WINNER in her book. She's proud of me! Leigh Ann, you are the best and I can't say enough how much it means to me that you sent a card in the mail!

IV. I'm so happy for two other friends who completed milestones in their tri careers. I think I mentioned them in an earlier post. Mike, you are an IRONMAN! Elizabeth, you are an Aquaman and will soon be an Ironman in Florida. You are both great inspirations to me! Keep up the great work!

V. Received a phone call from Snoopy yesterday. It was great to hear from you, girl. I really appreciate you taking the time to check on me personally. Hang in there, I'm in your corner!

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon/evening glued to the computer following the race. Very tiring and exhausting. A little sad for me too, considering one week ago....

I went to the fitness center yesterday and spent an hour on the treadmill. I covered five miles walking, slogging (my term for a slow jog), with a little running thrown in for good measure. Kept the heart rate very low. Although, I'm not exactly sure how low because my heart rate monitor pooped out on me in Louisville on the marathon course. HA! HA! I sent it to Polar to be fixed.
Seems like when it rains......

Anyway, had a good 2500 meter swim today. As I told a friend, I may be a little down, but I am far from out!

Thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers, encouragement and friendship. Hope everyone has a great week.

Until next time--God bless!


Michelle said...

"When do you think the nightmares/dreams about the race will end?" I don't know but I'm just so darned sorry you're having them. Focus on all you have to be grateful for. Attempt to put a little perspective on this. You live a very rich life and are lucky to have the luxury of striving for such an awesome goal as Ironman. You are not out. One of my favorite things to remind myself is that it's not about the falling down, it's about the getting up.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Monday's are always crazy for me. It's awesome about everyone in IMMOO.

Sounds like your workouts are settling back in.