Friday, September 12, 2008

Seems Like We're Never Satisfied

It's been an OK week. I've been "working out", which is so much easier than "training". One to two or so hours per day feels like a cake walk. My goals for next year are still up in the air--don't want to share until I'm a little more sure about what I want to do!

I've had the chance to speak with several friends who completed Ironman Wisconsin. You know, it's really funny how hard we can be on ourselves. For me, I would have just been happy to finish in Louisville. For them, a much different story. I do not mean to criticize or judge. They all had times I would have LOVED--hey, just crossing that finish line would have been good for me. But their expectations were so much higher. I can totally understand that we all set goals for ourselves, and when we don't reach those goals, we are disappointed. But we also have to keep the sport of triathlon in perspective.

Most of us are "triathletes" because we enjoy the sport. We're not making a living at it, the love and acceptance of our family and friends do not depend on how well or often we compete, and many of us are just happy that we are blessed physically (and financially) to be able to participate in this sport. Think about it: Do you have anyone in your life, who for some reason, CAN'T physically swim, run or bike? I know I do. In fact, that was me in 2002.

When I was suffering before being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I didn't know if I would be able to swim, bike or run EVER AGAIN! This is something I thank God for every day. It is a blessing to be where I am with my physical limitations and at my age. In fact, I am probably a better athlete at 53 than I was at 33, when I did my first race. I will see my rheumatologist next week, and when I tell her what I did this summer, she will be AMAZED! She believes I should be the poster patient for the medication I'm taking!

Anyway, the bottom line here is that I am truly blessed with all I have in my life. Do I wish I had done things differently in Louisville? Of course. Do I still think about not finishing every day? Of course. But, Lord willing, there will be other races. If not, then I am totally thankful for the experience. PTL!

Yesterday my friend took me out for lunch. She is so proud of all that I've done, and her love and care means the world to me. She was with me when I could barely walk, and has been there to support all my accomplishments. Thank you, Gail! You're the best! I thank God for friends like you every day!

So, if anyone out there is having a tough day, hang in there. Things will probably get better, and if you really think about it, things could be a lot worse!

Until next time--God bless!

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Michelle said...

I use gratitude all the time as a way to feel better. Really, most of us live really rich and interesting lives in which a lot of what we do is based on our interests and energy - not on survival. I love this post.