Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cool Weekend

The Olympics are finally here, so I'm really glad my training time will be reduced. Three weeks from today at this time, Lord willing, I will be on the run course at the Louisville Ironman. Can you say, NERVOUS WRECK?!

This was a great weekend for training, but not great weather-wise to acclimate for Louisville. Yesterday was a 38 mile bike, half of which I did with some friends. What a blast! I was only supposed to ride for 90 minutes--total ride time was 2:10. Started at 6:00 a.m., finished by about 8:00. Followed by some good strength training, core work, stretching, and a very relaxing, wonderful, outdoor 1500 meter swim! YEAH!

The temperature was really cool both days. Saturday it was 60 degrees when we started the bike. Never got past 75 or so. Louisville was a cool 83. THAT would be perfect race day temperature. Today called for a 90 minute run--did 10 miles in 1:50 at the HILLY PATH! Felt really good after the first 45 or 50 minutes. Once again, I ran up and down every single hill! It was about 60 when I started, never getting past 75 or so again today. After the run, some stretching and an easy 1200 meter outside swim. YUM!

Hubby decided to barbeque chicken for dinner--which of course called for my help and took almost the entire afternoon. He's watching the olympics. Whenever he's not at work, he will be watching the olympics. The fitness center we belong to has these super HD TV's, so I think he'll be there more often during the next two weeks--to watch the olympics!

I've decided to start watching the TV show "Lost". I've heard so much about it, and I just love the cutie who plays Jack (Matthew Fox, from Party of Five). I belong to Netflix, so it's fun to get the DVD's from them. Almost done with the first disk (pilot and two episodes). I think I'm going to like it! I'll have something to do to fill in the time I've spent training for the last nine months!

I have a couple "semi-long" days next week. The training plan I'm following says of this coming week: "Welcome to tapering! We'l slowly reduce hours over the next 3 weeks, while keeping the sword sharp for race day."

Recovery Week Totals:

Swim: 7x = 11,600 meters
Bike: 3x = 96 miles
Run: 3x = 21 miles
Strength/Core/Stretch: 5x = 175 minutes
Total time: 19 hours
Calories burned: 7,200

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until next time--God bless!

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SWTrigal said...

"Lost" is a really great show. I must admit this past season had me a little confused! Hey for motivation-watch the men's 100X4 freestyle relay from last night!