Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, as the saying goes, the hay is in the barn. I'm done. Finished. And, hopefully, will be rested and ready to go in one week. In fact, at this time next Sunday, Lord willing, I hope to be on the run course. I've done ALL the training: base, prep and speed (well, for me speed is a relative term) work. The taper is in progress as we speak. Did my last "longer" workouts yesterday and today.

Yesterday I swam 3000 meters, followed by a 3 hour ride. I think I rode about 50 miles. My cyclometer pooped out on me--maybe the battery? My mechanic (husband) will check it out and have it ready to go. Good thing it happened now and not during the race!

I also was stupid and didn't bring enough water with me on the ride. I rode the same route as the week before, but it was much warmer and later in the day. This time, I had money and only had to ride about 10 miles without fluid before I found a Walgreens. It was a good ride. I saw a friend out riding who will also be in Louisville. It was good to see you, Gary. Hope to see you in Louisville!

Today was a 90 minute run. My knee has been bothering me, so I took it slow. I still covered the 9.5 miles in the same time as always. I'm hoping all the hill running will somehow translate into bike fitness. I did train on some hills--hoping it's enough for the "rollers" in Louisville.

My knee wasn't too bad. My rheumatoid arthritis is in a flair, so all the joints that give me problems have joined the party. Could be the stress of the extra training, as well as the stress of the race itself. I'm sure it's a contributing factor to my knee stiffness. The good thing is that the heat always helps my RA. Now, if I can make it through the run in the heat, I should be OK.

This week will be very easy. Which is good, because I have quite a bit on my plate. My son starts high school tomorrow, my daughter starts homeschool (6th grade) tomorrow, and it will probably take me three days to figure out everything I need to bring for the trip.

I've decided to only do one short, easy run before the race. I'll let my knee rest and it hopefully will be good on race day. Just a couple short bikes, and she'll be cleaned, lubed, my race wheels will be put on, and be ready for race day! I'll probably swim easy most of the days. We plan to drive down on Thursday, so that will be an off day. Friday I hope to do the practice swim on the course in the river. Saturday, lots of resting and healthy eating.

That's it for now. Don't know when I'll write again. Hope everyone had a good weekend. The big Chicago Triathlon was today, and the weather was perfect. I also heard the water temp here in Lake Michigan was 78 degrees.

Until next time--God bless!


Gary said...

Enjoy the race. You'll do great. I'll give you some of my drink and food when you pass me. See you at the race.

Gary said...

Karen, you have accomplished so much. Visualize this as just one more bead on a long, beautiful necklace of accomplishments! You don't have to worry, anyway. I'm the queen of worry warts and I'll worry about you, too - so you can just "let go" and race. See you then. (Stephanie Krienitz)

WADDLER26.2 said...

The race is the celebration of all the hard work and training. Celebrate and enjoy. this will be the only first time.

IronSnoopy said...

Ditto what waddler said. Relax and enjoy the whole weekend. You only get one first Ironman.

You've proven you've got what it takes with your commitment to training. The race is your victory lap.

Enjoy the day, memorize the sights, the sounds, the taste of your first Ironman!