Monday, August 25, 2008

A Quick Note

I survived the day. My son make it through the first day of high school, however, not without a small glitch. You see, he rode his bike, and had to take the front wheel off to lock it. (It's quick release.) I was out for my short bike ride, sort of watching for him about the time he should have been home. No sign of him. I was getting worried.

He barrels in the garage about 20 minutes later than I expected him. The bike is on the ground, the wheel not attached. Seems he couldn't get the wheel back on and walked all the way home carrying it along with the bike. Oh boy, off to a great start! I helped him get it back on, and hopefully tomorrow it will be easier. Now, he could have called me and I would have ridden to the school to help him, but no self-respecting high schooler would ever call his mom for help!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. A quick 1000 meter swim workout. And later in the early p.m. a 10 mile bike--and it was really windy!

I wanted to alert you to a blog by and about a very special triathlete. Her name is Jamie Whitmore, and if you read Triathlete magazine, her story is in the October issue.

She's a huge XTERRA champion, and is going through some very difficult times with her health. She may never be able to race again. She is a woman of strong faith, and I believe it will get her through this difficult period. I plan to be thinking of and praying for her during my race on Sunday. When I feel like quitting, I'll remember her struggle and faith, and I know it will inspire me to not quit! If you're interested, her blog is on her website at

Oh, and I forgot last weeks taper totals:

Swim: 7x for 9000 meters
Bike: 3x for 107 miles
Run: 2x for 14 miles
Stretch/core: 5 sessions for 160 minutes
Total training time: 15:30
Total calories: 6,800

Until next time--God bless!

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Just Another Tri Dork said...

I want to wish you a GREAT RACE at IMLOU!!! Enjoy the day, it will be great!