Monday, August 11, 2008

Ready for that Taper.....

I'm pooped! Tired, wiped out, spent, out of gas, done, had it, ready to get the show on the road. I'm ready for this race already.

After a good weekend of training, and staying up too late to watch one of the most exciting Olympic events EVER (the men's 4 x 100 relay--record setting, unbelievable, don't have all the adjectives to describe it), I'm TIRED!

I rode 36 miles today, did some stretching and core, and swam a very easy 1100 meters. Now, I'm tired. And even though this is the beginning of my three week taper, I'm scheduled to swim 3000 meters and run for an hour tomorrow--I plan to do inside and on treadmill. Wednesday will be a 1550 swim and 90 minute bike. Then on Thursday I need to bike 60 minutes and run for two hours (brick). It doesn't really sound like a taper to me right now because I'm soooo tired! Oh yeah, I think I already said that.

Basically, I think I'm just ready to get to this race. I've been training and working so hard for so long, I'm ready to rock and roll. A nervous wreck, but ready to go! So much to plan and think about packing. I'm most worried about the nutrition end of the race. Hoping I've figured it out, but I'm sure something will blow up on me on race day. Or not. Ha!

I'm hoping I can stay up to watch the swimming tonight--of course it will probably be the last thing they show. Tomorrow is an early start, so I may miss it.

Too tired to say much more. The weather was way too cool (74 degrees while biking) to acclimate for Louisville. Hope everyone else is enjoying the unseasonable August temps.

Have a great day/night/day. Go USA Swimming and Gymnastic teams!

Until next time--God bless!

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Franklin said...

It sure sounds like you are training hard!

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