Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh, What a Night

What a night it was here in the Chicagoland/Indiana area. There were probably other areas hit by the big storm, also. Thunder, lightning, monster winds, power outages, and tornados. Just heard on the radio that one was spotted in my town of Bolingbrook. Don't know if it touched down, but I do know I spent about half an hour in the basement with the kids last night. It was scary! Other than losing our computer and our cable going in and out, we made out unscathed. Praise God! Hoping everyone reading this was as fortunate.

Yesterday's training schedule called for a rest day. But.....I decided I needed to do something. I'm having trouble with my left calf/achilles, something that bothered me last year. It's an overuse/dehydration/too much running type of thing. So, my plan is no more back to back runs, stay off the hills on the run, and limit hills on the bike to 2x per week. I'm also planning to do my shorter runs on the treadmill (flat and soft!).

I did about an hour of core/stretch/strength (mostly upper body). I was a little tired from the long day Sunday. Because it was such a nasty day, the outdoor pool was quiet and the water was a little cooler than normal. Had a great, easy 1600 meter swim in the clouds/drizzle. It was really nice. Have I mentioned how much I love to swim? I LOVE TO SWIM!

After the big storm, I had a great sleep. Slept from 11:00 to 5:00 straight. If my husband's alarm(s) hadn't gone off, I might have slept even longer. Felt rested and refreshed when I rolled out of bed at 5:45.

My original plan was to run inside at LTF on the treadmill (45 min) then ride outside (75 minutes). I wasn't sure if the weather would cooperate, but after checking the forecast decided to load the bike in the car just in case. It turned out beautiful. Had a good, easy (slow!) 5 mile run, followed by a good, easy (slow/mostly flat!) 22.5 mile bike. Stretched out and cooled off with an easy 1000 meter swim. Good workout, nice day, it's ALL GOOD!

Tomorrow was supposed to be a 60 minute run, but I'm going to switch the workouts so I don't have to run back-to-back. Two hour bike instead, maybe some core/strength and an easy swim. Thursday I'll do the 60 minute run, probably on the treadmill to save my calf/foot.

I can't believe IMKY is almost here. I'm really getting excited (nervous!). I want it to be here, but then again I don't. Does that make any sense?

Well, I hope everyone is safe and cool. Have a great day!

Until next time--God bless!


Vickie said...

It makes sense that you want the training to be done to see how you will do, but don't want the excitement/buildup to be over because then what? Be careful of that Achilles.

Michelle said...

You're training is clicking right along. And it makes sense...a little anxiety will fuel you through though. Take care of that calf!