Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Too Tired to write, but....

Since I didn't post yesterday, I figured I do a quick recap of the last two days.

Tuesday: Up early (relatively). Did a 3000 meter swim, followed by a six mile run on the treadmill. Trying to watch men's beach volleyball during the run, but the TV at the fitness center was too far from the treadmill I was on, and I couldn't read the captions or scores. Turns out the Americans won! YEAH!

Also did a little stretching and core work. Came home, tired, but not bad. Did some house stuff, even took a short nap. I knew the women's gymnastics was on late, and I'd probably stay up to watch.

When it was over and the US got the silver--the Chinese really rocked--it was almost midnight when I went to bed. Still awake at 1:00. Was planning on waking at 5:30 for an early swim. Stayed in bed until 7:00, but still got the 1600 meter swim in. Rush home, pack up, drop Peanut at the gym, ride a good 31 miles. The weather is still too cool for Louisville training, but it sure does feel nice.

Lots of unpacking, repacking for tomorrow's early 60 min bike/2 hour run brick. Cook dinner, do laundry, feed the kids, and now I'm finally getting ready to chill for the night. No Olympics past 10:00 for me. I'm tired and need the sleep.

Go USA! I love the Olympics. Tonight is the men's individual gymnastics--the Chinese should win all the important (gold) medals. Hopefully the Americans can medal.

Michael Phelps is a swimming MACHINE! His body was made to swim---FAST!

Have a great night/day.

Until next time--God bless!

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IronSnoopy said...

Yes, this Olympics schedule is wreaking havoc on sleep patterns. It's just impossible to turn off!!!