Thursday, July 17, 2008

55 Degree Water? PANIC TIME!

OK, panic has officially set in. I just checked the water temperature at the Spirit of Racine this Sunday--as of today it is 55 degrees! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Even with a wet suit (which I HATE WEARING--long, sad, boring story), that is way too cold for me.

I swam in that water temp in 2001 for 400 meters and was sure I would die! Oh my goodness, what to do?

Can the water temperature change between now and Sunday? It's Lake Michigan, so I suppose anything is possible, but.......

I just spoke with my husband. We planned to drive up Saturday a.m., check in and I was going to do a test swim with my wetsuit. I have two--one that's just a little too small, and one that's just a little too big. I had a bad experience with the smaller one in High Cliff, so I'm planning to use the bigger one. If I don't think I can swim 1.2 miles in that temp, I'll probably skip the race. I don't want to stay overnight, pay for a hotel, do everything involved to start, and not make it through the swim. I'm a good swimmer, I'm confident swimming in open water, but I don't do well in water that cold.

When I was younger (in my 30's), I swam in the Chicago beaches w/o a wetsuit when the water was that cold. But not now! I'm too old, and my RA would totally be messed up if I subjected my joints to water that cold.

If anyone out there has done this race and has experience with the water there, please send me a quick note. I need some help and encouragement!

So, until now, it has been a good day. Did a good, 42 mile bike this morning. It was warm and very windy. It was a little tough. I'm tired and looking forward to an easy swim tomorrow and a rest day on Saturday. I also did an easy 1000 meter swim--I was thinking how warm the pool water was, and how cold the lake will feel. Little did I know at the time there would be a 30 degree difference between the two. HELP!

Anyway, I'm going to try to calm down and get a good night sleep. Good luck with that!

Hope everyone had a great day and stayed cool.

Until next time--God bless!


Michelle said...

Brrrrrr. I hope you find something out that changes your panic and you can still do it. But if not, better to not have frozen fingers. That's coooold.

SWTrigal said...

We swam in similar water at Ironman CDA. Get a neoprene hodd to wear under your cap-a necesity. if you can get ahold of a polar fleece shirt to wear under your wetsuit-that is good too. Email me if you have questions.

WADDLER26.2 said...

I have no great advice but alot of confidence that you will figure it out and do fine.

Irene said...

What's the air temps like?

That IS a wee bit chilly!!!!