Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Triple Tuesday/Slo..W..ednesday

The weather is truly cooperating by way of imitating IMKY, although it will probably be even hotter and more humid. YEAH!?

Tuesday was my last long(er) tri day. I did a 1500 meter swim, followed immediately by a 30 mile bike. Later in the p.m. (3:00) a five mile run. Running later after the s/b brick guarantees tired legs. They were a little tired, and it was 88 degrees. My friend, who is a level 1 tri coach, explained the logic behind it. I usually feel good the day I do the triple w/o. It's the day after that I'm a little wiped. I was a little tired and a lot hungry!

Slept really good last night. I would have gone to bed early, but I wanted/needed to see the rest of the Cubs game. Go Cubbies!

This morning was a sleep in/clean/shop before the run day. I started about 11:15 at Waterfall Glen. More of those darn hills! Did 5 miles backwards, 4 forwards, for 9 total. I ran/jogged slow, even for me. It was hot, but I was also fatigued from yesterday's workout. I don't do well with these back-to-back runs. Not many more left, thank goodness. Back to the fitness center for a good stretch/strength workout and an easy 1000m swim.

Tomorrow will be an easy 2 hour bike. Maybe a short swim. Friday is a 3 hour run and 2700m swim. YOW! Saturday rest. Sunday 103 mile bike, 25 minute run. Last tough day. Next week is recovery, then three weeks of taper. I think I'm going to like tapering after ironman distance training!

A big shout out of good luck to all you friends doing Steelhead this Saturday: Iron Snoopy, Moose, Waddler, Nick, Lisa, Kurt, Dan and anyone else I know but missed. It's going to be a hot day, but at least it won't rain! You guys are all awesome, have trained hard, and will do great! Can't wait to hear how you all do. Please let me know.

Too tired to write anything inspiring today. Just wanted to get the basics, for anyone interested. Have a great night and Thursday. I'm enjoying the summer (finally) weather!

Until next time--God bless!

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