Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally Over Monday

Monday is over, good thing too. I'm not too proud to say I was tired after the long day/ride on Sunday. I tried to sleep in, but 6:30 was as late as I could do.

Cleaned a bathroom, went to WalMart, did my paperwork before taking Peanut to the gym. Drove over to LTF for what turned out to be the LONGEST swim (in terms of time) EVER:
200S; 200K,;200Pull; 200 S: 1900 ladder down from 300 (300,275,250, etc.); 10 x 100; 4 x 50. Whew! I did this workout once before, but I wasn't as tired when I started. The ladder doesn't look so bad, but it was hard yesterday, believe me.

When I was done, I was really tired (didn't help that the water was soooo warm--Ohio River warm?), and starving. I had two hours to kill before getting Peanut, so I ate (the lunch I brought with me) and sat in the gym and read/napped.

We had to stop for P.T. for Peanut on the way home. We left the house at 10:30 and got home at 6:00. It was a long day! Came home and made a good pasta dinner. Ate too much pasta and broccoli, and I had some light chocolate ice cream. I was too full when I went to bed at 10:30. Had to stay up to watch the Cubs win--YEAH!

Today is Tri Tuesday (last one!): 30 minute continuous swim; 90 minute bike. Later in p.m. a 45 minute run. Hoping the weather holds out at least until I get my bike done. If necessary, I can run on the TM at LTF this afternoon. My son likes to workout in the p.m., so that would actually work out good.

FYI--I read on the Team Louisville forum that the bike course is changed a little from last year--more hills. A big climb at mile 100. This from a member who rode the course over the weekend and completed the race last year. Just what I need--more to be nervous about. My husband keeps telling me I'll be fine, but to make me feel better, he changed my cassette last night. More easy gears. I'll train on the hills today and see how it feels. I have a feeling I'll use it at the race.

Hope everyone had a good Monday and has a good Tuesday!

Until next time--God bless!


IronSnoopy said...

You will be fine at Lou. No worries there! :)

You sound great!

I hope Peanut's fine -- that PT was just part of being an athlete and nothing too serious.

Michelle said...

You are getting SO prepared for this. I hate it when I want to sleep in but can't. Better luck next time :)