Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day Off

Tomorrow will be a REST day for me. No swimming, bicycling, running, strength, core, stretch--nada, nothing, ZIP! I'm going to sleep until 7:00, eat a good breakfast, GET A MASSAGE, and do some much needed grocery shopping. My body is ready for a break. Saturday is a two mile open water swim; Sunday a sprint distance triathlon. Next Sunday is SORT (half iron distance).

Today was a very challenging day. After the long bike yesterday, I didn't have much time to recover, refuel and rehydrate. When I started on my run, I felt pretty good. Had all four bottles on my fuel belt (that's all it holds). I needed to run 2:10, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't have enough water, but was hoping...

It was warm and humid, but the trail I run on is mostly shaded (and quite hilly). It really wasn't the heat that did me in. If I had had enough fluid, I would have been OK. I had Nuun in my water and took plenty of Thermolyte. My legs were tired, but it was more my stomach and head that pooped out on me (the same thing happened last year at the Florida 70.3). The last two of the 12 miles involved a lot of walking. Total timed turned out to be 2:16.

I drank a ton of water when I was done and headed straight to the pool. I had a gel and actually had a really good swim. The workout was 6 x 400; I did an additional 100 to make it 2500 meters. I felt tired but good when I finished.

So after a good pasta dinner, I'm going to bed early. And I WON'T FEEL GUILTY TOMORROW! (Yeah, right!)

Hope everyone had a good day.

Until next time--God bless!


IronSnoopy said...


Rest, eat, massage.

Yummmmmm. Perfect day!

WADDLER26.2 said...

have a great day off! You earned it!

Vickie said...

Good workouts. You are amazing, even for an "old" lady! I see you are doing Louisville. Good luck with that! I'll be following your journey. Its coming up soon! I have several friends doing the race this year and I was a volunteer last year (can't make it this year).