Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free-Friday, Soggy Saturday (a.m.), SUNsational SUNday

It was a good weekend. I stuck to the PLAN!

Friday included: sleep in until 7:00 a.m. (LAZY!); have a terrific one hour massage from Laura at LTF; tons of grocery shopping (three different stores). I was beat at the end of the day. More tired than I am when I have a hard training day. Went to bed EARLY and slept well. (And, I ate a cheeseburger--something I do MAYBE four times per year.)

Saturday started off crummy. Woke up early to ride with Snoopy, Moose and Waddler to Crystal Lake for the two mile open water swim. The weather: rain, thunder, BIG lightning. We all decided, based on the radar, we should pack it in. I waited for a while, and went and swam 3250 meters inside. Now, this is the second time I've blown off an event this year, and as it turned out, the weather cleared nicely in Crystal Lake, the swim started on time, and the sun even came out! It figures--I'm sure that if we would have driven 2.5 hours round trip, there would have been a delay or even a cancellation. Oh, well--as I've learned--it is what it is!

Spent the a.m. running around with the kids. The p.m. watching a couple rented movies. Tried to go to sleep early. I slept from about 9 to midnight. Finally got up at 3:30 and headed to Schaumburg at 4:30. My wonderful, supportive hubby drove (on very little sleep due to his crazy work schedule now)!

It's a small, local race, run in a very residential area. The swim is a 400 meter pool swim; the bike is about 15 miles of constant turning (which makes it a rather slow course); the run is a 5K through the neighborhood. There are two transition areas, and there were NO RACKS IN T2. Last year, they put the racks in T2 and had none in T1. I did not relish putting CP on the ground at transition. But at least they had chip timing this year. Last year the timing/awards were a mess/disaster. This year they did a very efficient, great job.

AND, the weather was perfect. Cool to start (about 60), sunny, a little breezy, high temp around 72 degrees. Can't ask for more on a summer day in the Chicago suburbs!

I did win my age group. I know there were at least three of us, because they gave out three awards! It was fun, but every time I do a sprint, I realize how hard it is to go at 100% plus for 1:20. I enjoy the longer races more, and now I'm really looking forward to Racine next weekend.

Met a lady in my age group who is doing Lake Placid next week. I told her I was doing Louisville, and her response was "why would you EVER want to go there for an IM?" My response was--I like the heat? Well, time will tell.

Week totals:
Swim: 5x = 10,150 meters
Bike: 3x = 96 miles
Run: 3x = 22.5 miles
Strength: 1 - 60 minute session
Core: 3 - 30 minute sessions
Total Time: 15:36
Total calories: 7,200

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Until next time--God bless.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on the sprint. Sounds interesting. I think you will enjoy Louisville. The finish line on 4th Street live is awesome for both spectators and finishers.

IronSnoopy said...

LOU is a beautiful, challenging course with the best finish outside of Kona, IMHO. They have moonshine at the aid stations and wild boys chase you through them thar hills all over that thar bi-cycle course.

You'll enjoy it, and so will your family. The folks at WTC do a superb job.

Sweet on the sprint! :) And even nicer job on resting and massaging and even downing a burger. (4X a year? Hmmm. Maybe that's my problem...or

Michelle said...

Sleeping in until 7am is lazy? I am double-lazy sometimes then :) Congrats on the win!! That's gotta feel good under any circumstances.

You eat hamburgers as often as I eat KFC.