Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three Plus Training Day

Today is Tuesday, so that means another brick plus one plus one more training day. Confused?

The plan called for a B/R brick: completed 21 miles on the bike, followed immediately by a three mile run. Done. Great weather, good hydration and nutrition. Considering I raced on Sunday and swam yesterday, I felt pretty good.

From the run, I drove to the fitness center and did 30 minutes of stretching and core work, followed by a 1300 meter swim (12 x 100 plus 100 cool down). I felt really good when I was done. Picked up my daughter from the gym and headed home for a relatively quiet afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to do a 45 minute run, followed by a 90 minute bike. I'm going to skip the run, because Thursday calls for a 3 hour run and Friday a one hour run. I can't run that many days in a row. Instead I will do a longer bike--2.5 to 3 hours, approx. 45 to 50 miles. If time permits, a short swim after. Hopefully, my legs will feel OK to do that long run on Thursday.

The weather has been great and should be for the rest of the week. YEA! Friday will be a one hour run and a continuous swim (doesn't specify time or distance!?). Saturday is a rest day. Sunday will be an organized bike ride and my first 100 miler (I have one planned for the next Sunday also!)

I'm a little nervous about the bike course in Louisville. I've been riding a lot of hills, I just hope it's enough. We wanted to go to Louisville and ride the course, but time and finances are not cooperating. It's a six hour plus drive and an overnight stay. Plus coordinating with someone who knows the course--more stress than I can handle now. I'll just have to trust in the training I'm doing. I like rolling hills, but I keep hearing about how brutal the bike course is! HELP!?

It was such a nice day today. The highlight was seeing a baby deer on the path during my run. They are so beautiful! It reminds me how awesome our God is!

I'm getting tired and need to eat. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I love receiving comments, suggestions, constructive criticism and encouragement!

Until next time--God bless!


IronSnoopy said...

I love to see deer, especially babies! What a great treat!!!

I wish I had some advice on Lou hills -- the only thing I can say is try to get up to ride the Madison course if you can. Or even up to Barrington. They're NOT the same type of hills, but they're better than...riding out flatlanderville road.

And trust your training and experience. It's a thinking person's course -- you have to know how to ride hills, and you do. It does have one section that's two loops, so you know what's coming the second time around. You will be OK.

Nice workout today! :)

Michelle said...

Wish I could help with the bike course! I guess as you get closer you will have to trust more and more that what you're doing to prepare will prepare you. You sure have been working hard. Keep the faith!